Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oma's Pages #47

Oma’s Pages #47

Even the MIssion President and his wife came to ride the Fietstocht. We had the oldest Senior Couple serving here on a mission at that time come to ride the route as well.

Jan Weening prepared a route filled with very interesting and historical sites to see along the way.

The missionaries stayed at the Church and hosted anybody who would listen to their message. The Church is right across the street from the train station. Most people here travel from city to city by train or bus. A lot of people do not own a car. So on Saturday there are a lot of people who must pass by our Church to go into the main area of the City to shop. 

So the missionaries tried every way they could think of to get them to stop and listen to a message about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They had these large posters but they would not stay up on the wall so of course the missionaries found a double use for the extra Books of Mormon we had.

They wrote all over the street with chalk. They made a world and drew the Plan of Salvation.

The red lane is the bicycle lane. They tried to make the message short and memorable for those bikers who just rode by.

Everybody worked hard.

I had made sandwiches for the crew to keep up their energy for the work.

We served cookies and drinks for those who passed by. Some of them were disappointed we did not have any coffee or tea.

Every Saturday that we did this was both great and exhausting!